FinCap Screed Chair
  • Supports 1-1/2″ (40 mm) Pipe (1.5″ ID/1.9″ OD)
  • Fits Mounting Structure 3/8″ to 5/8″ (10 mm to 16 mm)
  • Space 3-4′ apart (1 m)
  • Holds up to 1,000 lbs
  • 100% No Breakage Money Back Guarantee

MAKO FinCap Product Data Sheet

JAWS small

JAWS Small Screed Chair
  • Supports 1-1/2″ wide screed
  • Aluminum, Magnesium or wood 2×4 screeds
  • Fits Mounting Structure 3/8″ to 5/8″ (10 mm to 16 mm)
  • Space 3-4′ apart (1 m)
  • Holds up to 1,000 lbs
  • 100% No Breakage Money Back Guarantee

MAKO JAWS screed chairs Product Data Sheet 

JAWS large

JAWS Large Screed Chairs
  • Supports up to 2″ Wide Screed
  • Aluminum or Magnesium Screeds
  • Fits Mounting Structure 3/8″ to 5/8″ (10 mm to 16 mm)
  • Space 3-4′ Apart (1 m)
  • Holds up to 1,000 lbs
  • 100% No Breakage Money Back Guarantee

MAKO JAWS screed chairs Product Data Sheet 


MAKO FinStand_1
  • Supports FinCap or JAWS screed chairs
  • Accepts 1/2″ x 13 all thread
  • 1-3/4″ (45mm) adjustability
  • Secures to wood deck with nails, metal deck with screws
  • Holds up to 1,000 lbs

MAKO FinStand Product Data Sheet


Base Plate 4.5

Base Plate_COB
  • FinStand snaps into Base Plate for use on vapor barrier, concrete overlay, ,rock or sand
  • Textured base to grip adhesives
  • Will not puncture vapor barrier
  • Stay-in-place forms can be easily setup by inserting a 1/2″ (13 mm) rod between the bottom of the FinStand and Base Plate.

Base Plate 4.5 Product Data Sheet 

MAKO Driver

  • One person can quickly and accurately set all screed supports with MAKO Driver
  • Fits FinCap and JAWS – small and large chairs
  • Use Driver to align marker to string line set to finished elevation of slab
  • 100% No Breakage Money Back Guarantee

MAKO Driver Product Data Sheet 

MAKO Product Screed Chairs and Stands


The MAKO Screed Support Systems provide exact elevation control for concrete slabs and structural members. PRPhoto_MakoThe patented, stay-in-place screed supports are fully adjustable to accommodate sub-grade variances or deflection in elevation decks.

Achieving higher F-numbers has never been this easy which makes the MAKO Support Systems ideal for use on super flat floors. Stay compliant with ACI 302, ACI 117 and ASTM E 1155.


Fins2_cropThe MAKO System is used with hand or motorized screeds of virtually any length and weight. 

It is suitable for all types of flatwork: slab-on-grade, elevated decks and leveling sub-grade.

The patented, non-metal FinCap hugs a variety of mounting structures from 3/8” (10mm) to 5/8” (16mm) making it the most versatile screed support available. They won’t bounce off the mounting structure plus they are virtually indestructible and will not break, snap or crush under your screed during placement.

The FinCaps support a nominal 1.5” (40mm) – schedule 40 or higher – screed pipe (1.5” ID/1.9” OD).


testing 4bMAKO products are durable, reliable and built to last! University testing proved the FinStand with and without the base using a nylon all-thread can withstand more than a 750 pound (340 kg) load.

When a metal all-thread was used the assembly will withstand up to a 1,000 pound (450 kg) load.



Use various lengths of all thread to achieve exact elevaSetup XX3tion for any slab depth. Add a hex nut and washer for additional height gain and fine tune adjustments.

Select the corresponding all-thread for the desired slab thickness.

Slab Depth chart


The MAKO Driver is at the heart of the system. FinCap_5

It quickly and accurately allows one person to easily set multiple FinCap screed support locations in seconds. Simply pull a string line to identify the finished elevation of concrete. When the marker hits the string line your screed support is set exactly to the final poured concrete.



The FinCap supports an nominal Pipe Size1-1/2″ (40 mm) galvanized  pipe – schedule 40 or higher. (1.5″ ID/1.9″ OD).

A 1-1/4″ ID or 2″ ID screed pipe can also be used however, if using the MAKO Driver, the height of the string line will need to be adjusted to accommodate the different size pipe.


Rule of thumb is one screed support every 3 feet (1 m) however, spacing between screed supports is totally dependent on the sub-grade or surface, weight of the screed and span being poured. You may choose to place support locations closer together or further apart. We recommend testing the conditions prior to placing concrete.


MAKO Screed Support Systems will save set-up time whether your job is on grade, an elevated deck or on vapor barrier. Not only will you save set-up time but the slab will be set to the finished elevation of concrete.

For slab-on-grade a side-by-side study proved MAKO Screed Supports can be installed in a third of the time it takes to set a traditional wood stake in the ground.

 MAKO Support Systems

Fins on the left, fins on the right…

The “fins” hold everything tight!