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What size and type of screed rail is used for the MAKO Screed Support Systems?

The FinCap is designed for a nominal 1.5″ (1.5″ ID/1.9″ OD) or 40mm screed pipe. Black iron or standard galvanized pipe is readily available in this dimension and is commonly used for a pipe screed.

A 1-1/4″ ID  or 2″ OD screed pipe may be used however, the string line or laser needs to be adjusted to accommodate the difference in pipe size when using the driver. We recommend always testing the system when using a different size pipe.

What size all-thread do I need for my slab?

The nylon and steel all-threads provide 1.75″ (45 mm) of flexibility. The chart  provides a guide as to what number rod to order to achieve the desired slab thickness.

FinStand height table

What type of monting structures do I need to have availalbe on my job site to efficiently use the MAKO Screed Support Systems?

This is where the versatility of the MAKO FinCap shines! Due to its patented universal design, the FinCap works with early any size dowel, stake, rebar, PVC or conduit – that make MAKO the most versatile conrete screed support system available.

The FinCap fits any mounting structure from 3/8″ (10 mm) to 5/8″ (16 mm) and 1/2″ (13 mm) is the ideal size.

How do I set my stakes in various soil conditions such as: rocky, hard or soft ground?

Varying soil conditions are not a problem. This is another area where the MAKO system shines. Because you are not limited in your choice of mounting structures simply choose the one that best fits the conditions and your preferred practices. Depending on hard or soft soils, the length of the structure can be readily adjusted.  Support lengths can be short for hard conditions or longer for soft/looser conditions.

How do I use the MAKO Screed Support System with vapor barriers?

The MAKO FinStand and Base Plate 4.45 were designed specifically for use with vapor barriers. Depending on the vapor barrier used, different adhesives are available to secure the FinStand and Base Plate to the surface.

 For penetrations, the system would be viewed similar to any other pipe penetration occurring through the SOG.  Supports could be used without violating the vapor retarder as suggested in the guidelines in ASTM E1643-09 and ACI 302.2R-06.  The supports could also be integrated with vapor retarders that meet ASTM E 1745-09 for sprayed on and/or mastics.

How long should my mounting structures be in order to make the screed set soundly?

This depends on the grade/soil conditions, the chosen method of placement, and the spacing of supports.   However, a typical stake may normally be around 12″ to 18″. In poor soil conditions, or when using a heavier screed, stake length should be increased until a solid base can be reached.


How far apart should the mounting structures be placed?

Spacing between MAKO Screed Supports will vary due to soil conditions, weight of the screed used, and your chosen placement method.  Depending on tolerance needs, place them closer if using a heavy power screed or further apart when hand striking or using a lighter weight screed. A good rule of thumb when using a lightweight screed system would be set them approximately every 3′ (1 m). If using a heavier screeding method, locations would be placed closer.

How much will each FinCap and FinStand location support?

University testing proved the FinCap and FinStand – with or without the base – using a 1/2″ nylon all-thread will hold up to 800 lbs of load for each individual stand. A 1/2″ metal all-thread will withstand up to 1,000 lbs of load.

Can the FinCaps be left in the pour?

Absolutely! The FinCap, FinStand, Base Plate and other hardware are stay-in-place forms and are left in the slab without adverse affects. The products are made from medical grade polypropylene which is made to withstand extreme conditions.

How can I use the MAKO screed support system in other applications?

The MAKO systems can be used for any application: slab-on-grade, elevated slabs, roads, bridges, finish grading, irregular slabs, embankments, super thick floors, etc.  Please call us to discuss other ways that the MAKO system can match your application needs, improve your efficiency and increase your profits.

What type of screed can I use with the MAKO Screed Support Systems?

The beauty of the MAKO Screed Support Systems is it can be used with any type of screed: roller, hand, vibrating, truss, laser or anything else you use to place your concrete.


The MAKO screed support locations will hold up to 800 lbs (356 kg) of load whether using on grade or elevated decks. If using a steel all-thread, the load per support location increases to 1,000 lbs. (455 kg)

Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship MAKO products to 10 different countries. Please email info@makoproducts.com to find the nearest international distributor. We will be sure to help you find the products you need.