No more puncturing vapor barriers! The new MAKO FinStand and Base Plate 4.5 provides maximum flexibility where it is needed most.  The FinCap is supported by an all-thread inserted into the FinStand.

IMG_0071 The FinStand snaps securely into the Base Plate 4.5 to provide a non-penatrating screed rail or structural element support.

Set-up is accurate, fast and easy. Slide at #4 (10 mm) rebar or dowel through the opening between the Base Plate and FinStand to use as a guide. Load as many FinStands as needed. The number of FinStands you should use depends on the sub-grade and weight of your screed. Rule of thumb is IMG_0083spacing the FinStands every 2 to 3 feet (0.7 to 1 m). We recommend testing the setup conditions prior to your pour. You can remove the rebar or leave it in in place for extra stability.

Once in place, adjust the FinStands to the exact finished elevation of concrete.

The stay-in-place FinStands can also be used with other structural elements where adjustment is needed. such as heating coils.IMG_0101

IMG_0088VB Setup124_X18 copy