Ten “FinTastic” Facts about MAKO Products  

Why MAKO Screed Support Systems?

1. ACCURATE.  Exact elevation control for concrete slabs, structural members and pipes


2. ADJUSTABLE.  The FinStand has 1.75” of vertical adjustment capabilities


3. FAST.  Setup time is reduced by 30% and adjustments can be made during placement to accommodate deck deflections


4. VERSATILE.  Designed for a nominal 1.5” ID screed pipe – schedule 40 or higher also works with a 1.25” or 2” screed pipe


5. DURABLE.   Supports up to 1,000 lb load* per stand


6. INDESTRUTIBLE.  100% money back no-breakage guarantee


7. MULTIPURPOSE.  Used with any type of screed – hand or mechanical


8. ADAPTABLE. Slab-on-grade, elevated decks, embankments, bridges, super-flat floors, multiple mats, vapor barriers and leveling sub-grade


9. EASY-TO-USE.  System is designed to provide accurate results and supports can be quickly mastered by anyone


10. IDEAL.  A non-penetrating screed rail, structural element or pipe support solution for vapor barriers


But, don’t take our word for it. Try MAKO products for yourself by clicking “Find a Distributor” on our homepage.


Questions? Email sales@makoproducts.com, and a MAKO representative will respond shortly.

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