2014-08-09 16.50.15“Building the tunnels in London is not a easy job and we have many challenges beyond the normal above ground pour. I want to make my crew’s job easier whenever I can so I introduced them to MAKO Screed Support Systems. The guys love the FinCaps! It cuts down our setup time and produces a higher quality roadway underground. Everyone is happy and that is jolly good fun.”

Luke Hume, Ocean Constructions/BKM


“The MAKO system is much more efficient than any other product we have used. We no longer have to worry about having the proper mounting structure on our job site. With the “fins” in the FinCap, we can use anything we have onat the jobsite. Thank you MAKO!”    

Kyle Meyer, Meyer Contractors


Indigo Signworks - Sand Application

“MAKO’s versatility really revealed itself when I used it to screed off sand in this job. Incredibly easy to use and a big time saver!”

Dave Barker, Indigo Signworks


“We implemented the MAKO system in a pour here in Saskatchewan, and just loved the added efficiency it provided. The ground was to hard for anything but rebar, so the MAKO system was the perfect solution! We definitely plan on using them again!”

Joel Laverdiere, Laverdiere Construction

2012 Laverdiere

aslan3“When paired with fiberglass rebar, the MAKO screed supports enable a completely non-metallic slab and avoid any corrosion or contaminating penetrations from underneath the slab.   And, when casting a thick slab, the MAKO supports can be used in conjunction wit

h fiberglass rebar to support the top mat of reinforcing as an alternative support chair in addition to being the screed support system.”

Doug Gremel, Aslan FRP


Bridge Approach 1

“The FinCaps were exactly what we needed for this bridge deck project. We were able to effectively screed and complete the widening of the existing bridge without any issues. It’s a great product and will definitely keep using it for slab-on-deck pours. Thanks!”

Randy Dewey, SEMA Construction