Time for Paver Sub-Grade Site Preparation is Reduced by 30%

Screed pipe with MAKO FinCap screed chairs leveling sub-grade for paversHardscaping projects just became easier with the MAKO Screed Support Systems. With this system, the time required for site preparation to lay pavers is reduced by 30 percent and accuracy is improved.  Sub-grade is quickly and evenly leveled using the MAKO FinCap, FinStand and Base Plate, also known has our Hardscaping system.

Because of the unique design of the baseplate, it is perfect for sitting on top of sandy and rocky sub grade without having to pound rebar screed supports into the ground.

The Sand Base Plate is used with MAKO’s FinStand to quickly and accurately adjust screed supports for even leveling, this allows hardscapers to maintain the finished elevation of pavers, increase accuracy of the project and reduce installation time. The patented system consists of a driver, FinCap screed support, FinStand and a Sand Base Plate. It can be used to screed sand, determine depth of trenches or used to place pavers over existing concrete.


Sub-grade is level using MAKO FinCap screed chairs for pavers on deck

Subgrade is quickly and evenly leveled for paver placement

The easy-to-use Sand Base Plate is great for any size project. By holding a consistent, straight and level line, weeklong projects are shortened by providing simple adjusting options and creating faster set up times.

The versatile system is typically used in two different ways, depending on the site conditions: the FinCap screed support can be mounted on a ½” rebar and driven into the sub-grade, or the FinStand and Sand Base Plate can support the FinCap screed support. For simple, backyard projects MAKO suggests using the Base Plate with the FinCap and FinStand to support screed, and then rolling the barrier out for a flat surface.

The patented, stay-in-place screed supports, when used with the Sand Plate, are fully adjustable for any situation 4.5” (115mm) or thicker. The Sand Plate assembly is engineered to provide up to 1.75” (40mm) of adjustability for each setting.

This is surely one of the greater innovations of MAKO Enterprises. For more information, email sales@makoproducts.com or call at +1 (855) 246-6256.


Pavers are in place on new deck using MAKO FinCap Screed Chairs

Finished projects are even and professional quality


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